Teaching is my passion

..from our show "EFFLORESCE"

"I thought I knew how to do a handstand after many years of practicing yoga and building the strength to do arm balances and other yoga postures that have you balancing on your hands….BUT, after only 10 minutes with Jean-Luc I realized that I had been overcompensating with shoulders and neck and hadn’t really tapped into the core stability that is present within all of us."

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from SD Circus Center's show EFFLORESCE

Handstand Act

It is a great honor to teach students who commit to their craft and train properly.

Chandelier Act

At San Diego Circus Center we teach many Aerial apparatuses

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Founder and CEO of San Diego Circus Center where we teach many disciplines of the circus arts. I personally specialize in handstands, hand to hand, columns and Russian bar. We have a strong aerial and floor program.

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